• This course covers the tips, tools and some techniques for Excel 2007. The features discussed are geared toward ones that a CPA needs to know. Watch your efficiency and productivity increase. Purchase this course
  • Managers of nonprofit organizations generally are not skilled in financial matters. Or, managers are often preoccupied with its welfare objectives and ignore the operations efficiency and operating cost controls. A series of appropriate questions that nonprofit financial managers must address in connection with an organization’s financial condition and activity include: 1. Do we have a profit or a loss? 2. Do we have sufficient reserves? 3. Are we liquid? 4. Do we have strong internal controls? 5. Are we operating efficiently? 6. Are we meeting our budget? 7. Are our programs valid? 8. Are we competing successfully? 9. Is our prioritizing of programs and activities reasonable? This course is an attempt to help answer these questions. Purchase this course.
  • Microsoft Excel provides some easy to use tools that can greatly enhance and expedite the fraud audit process. With all that detective work, you want to be able to sift through a large volume of data and utilize a tool that is adequately flexible for you to perform immediate investigations of anything questionable. Excel provides a number of different tools however we are going to focus on a couple of extremely useful ones: Auto filter, Arrays as well as a couple of extremely useful functions that include WEEKDAY and MOD.
    Another tool used in fraud audits that does not necessarily require Excel, but can be used in conjunction with Excel, is Benford’s Law. Benford’s law is based on an observation that in certain large data sets, certain digits appear more frequently than others. By comparing the distribution of first digits in some accounting data, this tool can assist you in determining where more investigation is necessary by helping to pinpoint where data may have been contrived through fraud. Purchase this course
  • Spreadsheets have become pervasive in most companies and have many uses. Those that are used in the financial reporting process are of most concern to the assessment of the effectiveness of internal controls over financial reporting mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley. This course discusses how to evaluate spreadsheets under the rules of Section 404 and Auditing Standard No. 5 as well as what specific compensating spreadsheet controls are supported by Excel 2007. Purchase this course